Solar energy is one of the main alternative energy sources for fossil fuels


Solar energy as a huge amount of renewable energy, the daily arrival of the Earth’s surface radiation energy equivalent to hundreds of millions of

Barrel of oil burning energy. Develop and utilize rich, vast solar energy that can produce or produce little to the environment

Pollution, solar energy is both the urgent need for future energy supplement, but also the basis of future energy structure. Whether it is from the economy

Will take the road of sustainable development and the protection of human survival of the Earth’s ecological environment to examine the height, or from the special

Use to solve the problem of real energy supply, development and utilization of solar energy are of great strategic significance.

Solar energy is one of the main alternative energy sources for fossil fuels

In the world’s energy structure in the twentieth century, the primary energy used by humans was mainly oil, natural gas and coal

Such as fossil energy. These fossil fuels are essentially tens of thousands of years ago or even longer for solar radiation to Earth

On the part of the energy stored in the paleontology (ancient plants and ancient animals), the changes in the sea and the evolution of today’s energy on Earth’s mineral deposits. They are the special form of paleontological fossils. After thousands of years, especially the consumption of nearly a hundred years, these fossil fuels have been consumed a considerable proportion. With the development of the economy, the increase of population and the improvement of social life, the future world energy consumption will continue to grow, the world’s total consumption of fossil energy will one day reach the limit.

With the gradual depletion of fossil fuels, the energy crisis has been seen in front of mankind.

In the world of energy savings data survey shows that: oil can be regarded as 39.9 years, natural gas can be taken for 61 years, coal

Recoverable for 227 years. It is clear that the recoverable amount of fossil energy is already numbered.

Human beings in the development and utilization of energy in the history of the river, with oil, natural gas and coal and other fossil energy-based

Period, only a very long stage, they will eventually go to the depletion of the new energy replaced. Humans must be early

Seek new alternative energy. Research and practice show that the direct radiation of the sun to the earth is rich in energy and is widely distributed

To reproduce, do not pollute the environment, the international community is recognized as the ideal special energy. According to international authorities, by 2050, 2050, the proportion of global direct use of solar energy will be developed into the world’s energy structure

Of the 13% to 15%, while the entire renewable energy in the energy structure of the proportion will be greater than 50%, solar energy will be a large number of applications of fossil energy one of the main alternative energy.

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